PostgreSQL Demo

We are hosting a PostgreSQL database instance containing a slightly altered version of the 20 odd year old Berka bank dataset . The PostgreSQL instance has the Open Diffix plugin enabled and includes a role for each access mode. The database is hosted on the following server:

Port: 5432
Description: banking


Three roles are available for accessing the database:

Role: trusted_user
Password: demo
Description: Read-only, anonymized access in trusted mode
Role: untrusted_user
Password: demo
Description: Read-only, anonymized access in untrusted mode
Role: direct_user
Password: demo
Description: Read-only, unrestricted access to data

If you have the PostgreSQL client tools installed on your machine you can connect as the trusted_user role with:

psql postgresql://

For the untrusted_user role:

psql postgresql://

For the direct_user role:

psql postgresql://

Further reading

For analysts: The banking notebook provides example queries against the banking dataset. The analyst guide describes the SQL features and limitations imposed by pg_diffix.

For administrators: Check out the admin tutorial for an example on how to set up pg_diffix. See the admin guide for details on configuring and using the extension. To install from source, see the installation section of the repository README.

Help and feedback

If you require help, you want to report a bug or request a feature, please do so in our Github repository.