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    There are several ways to experiment with Diffix without going through the effort of setting up PostgreSQL and installing the pg_diffix extension. First and foremost, the Open Diffix project runs an online PostgreSQL server with pg_diffix and several representative databases. There are several ways to interact with our PostgreSQL service. Alternatively you can download Diffix Dashboards and try it on sample CSV datasets we provide, or on your own CSV dataset.

    As always, you can contact us at if you have questions or comments.

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    How to use Diffix

    • Analyst Guide (for SQL usage of pg_diffix, the PostgreSQL Diffix extension).
    • Online instructions for Diffix Dashboards operation (also available in the application itself).
    • Online instructions for (legacy) Diffix for Desktop operation (also available in the application itself).
    • The online Training App has built-in usage documentation.

    How to configure Diffix

    How Diffix works

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    Servers and Datasets

    The following databases running pg_diffix are available online:

    Databases with trusted_user and untrusted_user users are protected with Diffix (untrusted user mode has slightly stronger anonymity at the expense of less flexible SQL). Databases with direct_user users have no protections, and can be used to compare the raw data with Diffix' protected data.

    The databases contain the following tables and data:

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    Online Training App

    The easiest and best way to get a quick feel for how Diffix operates is the online training app.

    The training app contains examples of each of Diffix' query features. It displays anonymized and original data side-by-side to show how Diffix distorts and hides data. The training app also lets you write your own SQL queries against both the Diffix and original data.

    The training app has connections to the banking0, taxi, census0, and scihub databases. It takes only a few minutes to get an immediate understanding of Diffix' basic query capabilities, and about 30 minutes to run through every example.

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    SQL Clients

    In principle, any SQL client that supports PostgreSQL should work with pg_diffix. In practice, each SQL client has its own idiosyncrasies in how it explores the database, and so not all SQL clients work with pg_diffix.

    We have successfully used two SQL clients with pg_diffix, pgAdmin and DBeaver

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    Software APIs and Notebooks

    Any software with a PostgreSQL interface can work with pg_diffix. We have prepared a demo notebook (see here for a description) using psycopg2 and ipython-sql that you may use as a template for building your own notebook.

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    Diffix Dashboards

    If you prefer to play with your own data, one quick and easy way to get started is with Diffix Dashboards (download), a standalone desktop for Windows that works with a local CSV file.

    Diffix Dashboards bundles the Business Intelligence tool Metabase with pg_diffix. It does not require SQL, but rather can be used with a simple GUI query-builder. It also supports writing queries in SQL. If you don't have your own data to play with, we offer a couple of sample CSV datasets from the download page.

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    Metabase is a popular open source Business Intelligence (data visualization) tool. It uses SQL to access data and works with a variety of backend database technologies including PostgreSQL and pg_diffix. Metabase supports data visualization and dashboards.

    We are running an online Metabase server that connects with the moers database. Login credentials are:

    Metabase has two means of writing queries, through a GUI query-builder and with SQL. The query-builder translates the users selections into SQL. Because Diffix uses a restricted subset of SQL, not all of the query-builder works with the pg_diffix back end. Practically speaking, the user should expect to write SQL queries when using Metabase with Diffix.

    We have prepared brief instructions on how to do this.

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    A visual comparison

    We have prepared a Diffix demo in the form of a heatmap visualization of the NYC taxi data. (You can find a description here ). This demo displays the heatmap built from Diffix side-by-side with the corresponding heatmap built from the raw data. It gives a concrete impression of the power and accuracy of Diffix anonymization.